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Booking Rules

Kongoola Ski Club BOOKING RULES WINTER 2018


 - The Booking Officer shall be appointed by the committee.
     The Booking Officer will be responsible to the committee to:-
 - Receive and process all bookings for accommodation at the lodge.
 - Allocate beds.
 - Keep adequate records of accommodation.
 - Liaise with the committee and lodge manager on accommodation matters.
 Member can be read as Full Member, Family Member or Social Member.
 SKI SEASON (WINTER BOOKINGS): The ski season is defined as the period from Queen's birthday weekend to the end of the winter season inclusive, unless otherwise specified by the committee.
 SCHOOL TERM HOLIDAYS: Gazetted Victorian school holidays.
 MID WEEK: For the purpose of these regulations the mid-week starts on and includes Sunday night to Thursday night inclusive.
 WEEKEND: Is defined for the purpose of booking accommodation as Friday and Saturday nights.
 PREFERRED GUEST: Each Member shall be allowed one Preferred Guest for the whole season, to stay in the lodge at the specified reduced rate.  The committee can ask for the name of the preferred guest.
 The preferred guest will be:-
  (a) the Members spouse    or   (b) the Members adult child    or   (c) a person nominated as a preferred guest.
 GUEST: Anyone who is not a Member, Preferred Guest or Members Child.
USABLE ADVANCE BOOKING LEVY:- The 2018 rate is $330.00. It is an amount of money, set by the general committee, to entice all Members to make bookings.  The monies owed for any bookings made in summer or winter will be deducted from the booking levy.  In effect the first $330.00 of any booking is free (i.e. already paid for by this levy).  This levy is compulsory for all Full Members and Family Members.  The amount of money is the same for both Full Members and Family Members.
 (a) FULL MEMBER - The period from the annual opening date for bookings and the nominated opening date for Family Member and Social Member preferential bookings.  During this period winter bookings will only be accepted for Full Members, Preferred Guests and Full Member's children, on a “first come first served" basis.  Family Members wishing to ski with his/her Member family - refer Note 1A.
 (b) FAMILY MEMBER & SOCIAL MEMBER - The period from the closing date for Full Member preferential bookings and the nominated opening date for Guest bookings.  During this period winter bookings will only be accepted for Family Members & Social Members, Preferred Guests and Family Member’s & Social Member's children, on a “first come first served" basis.
 (c) GUEST – The period from the closing date for Family Member & Social Member preferential bookings, until the end of the Ski Season.  During this period bookings will be accepted on a "first come first served” basis.
 Note 1A:  When a Full Member and his/her Family Member children wish to ski together. the Full Member is allowed to book in his immediate family plus his Family Member child, within his preferential booking period.  Family Members are not allowed to book any other dates at this time.  Family Members Preferred Guest and /or children aren’t allowed to book at this time.
(a) The period from the end of Ski Season to the following Queens Birthday Weekend.
Once ratified by Members at the AGM, the committee will communicate the following:
 - the opening and closing dates for the "Booking Periods".  - the current tariffs.
(a) All bookings must be submitted online via the Kongoola Online Booking System (KOBS).  Bookings made at Winter Season Opening will only become valid and confirmed, when the Member rings to activate the booking, unless otherwise advised by the Booking Officer.  Confirmation will be provided from the Booking Officer by email.
(b) With the exception of Winter Season Opening Bookings, all bookings will be confirmed by KOBS.  Any extraneous booking issues to be confirmed by Booking Officer or Lodge Manager only.
(c) All bookings must specify names of intended occupants.
 Mid-year mid-week school holiday bookings will only be accepted in minimum of five day periods (i.e. Sunday night to Thursday night inclusive) for the second week of school holidays.
Weekend bookings will only be accepted in a two day block, i.e. Friday and Saturday nights, unless beds are still available within 4 days of weekend.
 This weekend falls within the “Summer” period for bookings and the “Summer” rate is to be charged for each night of accommodation, however if performing meaningful work party duties, accommodation is free.
For Members and guests, may be made at any time for the summer period.  If there is no lodge manager, guests must be accompanied by a Member.  A minimum fee of $20.00 per night applies.
 N.B.  Work Party Requirements Will Take Preference Over Other Summer Bookings.
(h) Bedroom allocations will be displayed on the notice board in the entrance hallway of the lodge.  Allocation will be made by the Booking Officer or Lodge Manager.
(i) Should a bedroom become over-allocated, the Booking Officer is to refer these enquiries to the committee for resolution.  If approval is given by the committee then it is considered the Member will be the one to sleep on the floor.
 (j) VACATION OF ROOMS - Rooms should be vacated as early as possible and no later than 3.30 p.m. on the day of departure.  If you plan to ski on Departure day you must also ensure that your duties are fully complete as detailed in the “Lodge Information Sheet".
 (k) In the event of the Lodge Manager or Member NOT being in residence at the lodge, No Guest is permitted to be accommodated in the lodge overnight.
 (l) Any booking or bookings which exceed a total of 24 consecutive days in one season is deemed to be long term, and must be ratified by the general committee.  This ratification will take place at the next monthly committee meeting.
 (m) For privacy purposes, empty beds can be booked at applicable Adult Rates, with the exception of School Holidays and August Weekends.
(n) Social Member bookings are limited to 7 days at the Member Rate during Winter Bookings, after which Guest Rates apply.
(o) For “Whole of Lodge” bookings, contact the committee.  Requests will be accessed on a case by case basis.
(a) BOOKINGS MADE PRIOR TO OPENING OF SKI SEASON.  To be paid to the Treasurer within seven days.
  (b) BOOKINGS MADE DURING THE SKI SEASON.  Full booking fees to be paid to Treasurer within seven days, or prior to date of booking, whichever is earlier.
(c) Any payment not received within 7 days of due date, will result in a reminder email being generated.  Should payment still not be received within seven days of the email, Member will be asked to present themselves at the next committee meeting to explain why the booking should not be cancelled.
 (d) Usable Advance Booking Levy  The booking levy is due at the same time as the annual general subscription.  Any Member that has not paid the booking levy is deemed un-financial and cannot make summer or winter booking as per Section 9.
6.  CANCELLATION OF BOOKING AND REFUNDS.    Cancellation Policy is only applicable to Winter Ski Season bookings.       

Bookings are not transferable (name or dates) without the prior consent of the Booking Officer, who maintains a waiting list for late cancellations.
In the event of cancelled beds being re-booked, a 90% refund will be applicable.  If replacement bookings are proposed by the Member, a 100% refund will be applicable.
 On no account will refunds be payable for bookings not used in the event of the access roads being impassable, lack of snow or ski-lifts not operating.
Members may introduce guests to the lodge under the following conditions:
 The Member shall take full responsibility for the correct payment of the guest fees.
  The Member shall take full responsibility for the guests doing the specified lodges duties at the specified time.
 The Member shall be responsible for their guests’ behaviour in as much to maintain a congenial atmosphere in the lodge.
 No guest shall invite any person to stay at the lodge without the prior permission of the Lodge Manager or Booking Officer.
 The Booking Officer and or the Lodge manager will refer any unusual applications to the Committee for resolution.
 The committee at its discretion may withdraw the booking rights of any Member who is in default to the club for outstanding fees, fines, work party obligations or conduct unbecoming to the club.
All Members and guests must fill in their name, address and date of arrival when they get to the lodge, and the date of departure when they leave.